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Creative Power: The Inner and Outer Path


Our theme for the summer retreat this year is Creative Power: The Inner and Outer Path. Mindfulness practice offers a chance to rest and restore ourselves, deepening the qualities of ease and compassion. As such it provides the stillness to engage in the process of inner transformation. When our psyche is liberated from deep fears, blocks and unhelpful views, we can more easily align with our deepest aspirations unlocking our potential to engage creatively with life. This enables us to experience greater happiness, more positive relationships, and the joy of living in alignment with our purpose.

About our Summer Retreat:

The Youth Mindfulness Summer Retreat is a wonderful opportunity to come together with the wider Youth Mindfulness community and nourish your practice of awareness. We’ll each have the opportunity to engage in a deep exploration of our unique potential as compassionate beings to bring into being a more beautiful world. Join us to:

Nourish and deepen your mindfulness practice.
Connect with nature and find insight through stillness.
Connect with a community of compassionate individuals
What you will experience on the retreat

Sitting and walking meditation are central elements of the retreat experience. Both practices gives us the opportunity to connect with our breath and body and to cultivate stillness. Through sitting and walking meditation we can cultivate positive qualities of mind such as ease, compassion, and joy.

Deep relaxation is a practice of learning to release tensions in the body and to nourish the body with feelings of ease, peace and joy. In this practice, we normally lie down so as to give the body the opportunity to rest deeply.

Each day we will have the opportunity to listen to a talk/workshop to inspire our practice. The talk is offered to encourage our practice of mindfulness, to aid our process of self-inquiry and to provide guidance on how we can cultivate our capacities for wisdom and compassion.

Circle sharing is a collective practice of mindful communication. It involves sitting in a circle with a small group of other practitioners and sharing what is alive in our experience from our heart and listening to others with non-judgment and compassion. This practice offers a space to be with others. It can be healing, inspiring, and heart-warming.

Who's this for?

The retreat is offered to anyone looking to deepen their practice of mindfulness and explore how this relates to action in the world. It’s a wonderful opportunity for graduates of our Youth Mindfulness training programmes to reconnect, but it is also open to people who haven’t trained with us before. Some prior experience of mindfulness is helpful.

What attendees said about our last Summer Retreat:
About Wiston Lodge:
Wiston Lodge picture

Wiston Lodge is a spacious and grand building set in ancient woodland. There are countless paths for walking meditation and beautiful grounds to relax in. If you are lucky you might see small rabbits hopping around outside in the early morning.

Wiston Lodge is an independent charity with a focus on supporting vulnerable children, adolescents and adults. By coming on the summer retreat, you support the wider work of not just Youth Mindfulness but also of Wiston Lodge.

The accommodation is dormitory and shared bathrooms.

Getting to Wiston Lodge:

Wiston Lodge is 50 minutes from Glasgow by car and an hour and 10 minutes from Edinburgh by car. For information on getting to Wiston Lodge please click here:

For the convenience of participants not travelling by car, Youth Mindfulness will arrange transport from Glasgow Central Station on 20th July at 4pm and from Wiston Lodge on 23rd July at 12pm. The return journey will cost £50 per person.

Please contact to book before 5th July. 

The full cost including food and accommodation is £375
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