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We believe the practice of mindfulness holds the potential to have a deeply transformative impact on the lives of young people and ultimately lead to a more healthy, happy and compassionate society. Decades of research show that mindfulness is one of the most effective methods for enhancing wellbeing.

Our aspiration is to make mindfulness accessible, relevant and deeply beneficial to as many young people as possible. We believe all people have tremendous inner resources and that these resources can be consciously nourished and cultivated.

In the last 150 years universal education has ensured that all children in the UK have the opportunity to learn to read and write, to study great works of literature and to contemplate the laws of mathematics and the natural sciences. While we have devoted great effort to educating the intellect of our young people, we have paid little attention to cultivating the virtues and strengths of character that are so important to leading a life of happiness and meaning. It is this domain – wellbeing education – in which Youth Mindfulness seeks to innovate.


Recent developments in neuroscience show that just as we can learn a skill like playing the piano by devoting ourselves to conscious practice, we can similarly cultivate the positive qualities of our mind and heart through conscious practice. Our wellbeing, our strengths of character, our capacities for compassion, courage, kindness, confidence and wisdom are not fixed.

We can consciously develop them. Mindfulness enables us to wake up, to live consciously, to access these inner resources and live with greater confidence, wisdom, clarity and kindness. We do what we do so young people have the opportunity to nourish the positive qualities of their own hearts and minds.

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