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Train to Teach Mindfulness to Adults
with our immersive retreat, workshop and remote learning teacher training programme hosted in the tranquil surroundings of Wiston, Scotland.

The ‘Mindfulness For Life’ One Year Teacher Training starts 29th July 2019!

Discover the art of resting
Commit to your own mindfulness practice
Cultivate kindness, compassion, joy and wisdom
Become part of our supportive mindfulness network
Learn how to build your own mindfulness practice group
Deepen your foundational understandings of mindfulness
Learn to teach adults our 8-week Mindfulness for Life course

Join a collaborative journey of personal transformation and experience first hand how to embody mindfulness in day to day life. Learn to cultivate self-compassion, joy and kindness, and develop breakthrough insights which not only broaden your existing skill set, but will build the foundation required to deliver a profound mindfulness experience.

Our training is in-depth and comprehensive – training educational, health and wellbeing practitioners to deepen and extend their mindfulness practice so they can teach mindfulness from a place of compassion, authenticity and confidence.

“The One Year Mindfulness Teacher Training is more than just a training programme, it’s simply life-changing.”

Core Themes: The Heart of the One Year Programme

Discovering Embodiment

The aliveness of our own practice is the foundation sharing mindfulness with others. And embodied awareness is at the heart of this. As such, the focus of our first retreat is laying a deep foundation for your personal mindfulness practice. The retreat will consist of a mix of lectures, group discussion and formal and informal practices. There will be periods of silence everyday as well as time for rest and personal journaling.
 We will explore how to cultivate key elements of mindfulness: embodiment, ease, joy and non-judgment.

Deepening Mindfulness

In our first non-residential weekend in Glasgow, we’ll begin by reviewing and reflecting upon the learning and experience of living mindfully since the first retreat. We’ll explore how we can deepen into the elements of embodiment, ease and joy, while how to respond to difficulty and challenge with care and compassion.


Transformation & Healing

In our second weekend together, we’ll explore the domain of feelings and emotions: how we can relate skillfully and with equanimity; how we can embrace difficult emotions with kindness and wisdom; and how we can work wisely with the inner critic to develop more self-kindness and self-compassion. This can be very freeing and enable more connection to feelings of joy and happiness. 

Cultivating Insight

In the third weekend, we will explore more deeply the territory of the mind – it’s habits and dynamics. We will explore the ways in which we create suffering for ourselves, through rigid thinking patterns and unhelpful views as well as how we can live with greater freedom by cultivating new ways of understanding.

Creative Power and the Art of Facilitation

In the fourth weekend, we explore the domain of action and how we can engage with life wisely and compassionately as creative agents: connecting our practice of awareness to wise action in the world. We will also begin the exploration of how to teach mindfulness focusing on key elements of mindfulness facilitation: namely embodiment, introducing practices, guidance practices, and the inquiry process.


The Art of Facilitation

In the concluding retreat, you will learn how to teach our 8-week course Mindfulness for Life and receive all of the materials required to teach the course – including teaching manual and guided practices. Finally, we will explore how to sustain your personal mindfulness practice and look at ways of building mindful communities at home and at work.

Last Year's Programme
Hear from last year’s graduates
Who Are Youth Mindfulness

Established in 2011, Youth Mindfulness is a charity dedicated to sharing the transformative potential of mindfulness. We are one of the most well-respected charities offering mindfulness in education, community and youth contexts developing innovative programmes to meet the needs of people of all ages. Our programmes are inspired by best practice in the field of secular mindfulness, positive psychology, and Thich Nhat Hanh.

Why We Offer This Programme

We believe the practice of mindfulness can be deeply transformative for individuals, communities and society. We work in schools, colleges, prisons, and community settings, as well as public, private and third-sector organizations teaching mindfulness to people of all ages. We developed our one year programme to enable adults to deepen their mindfulness practice and empower them to share their practice with others.

Our Team Of Teachers

Our team of teachers has over 80 years combined experience practicing and teaching mindfulness, in varied and diverse contexts, from colleges and schools, to prisons and community settings, to public and private-sector organizations. Our intention is to inspire you to share mindfulness in your own context from a place of embodiment, confidence and wisdom. Click below to learn more about our team.

Meet The Teachers
Michael Bready

Michael Bready

Michael Bready is the Founder and Director of Youth Mindfulness. He discovered mindfulness meditation at the age of 18 and has taught mindfulness to thousands of children, young people, and adults. Michael holds a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and is the author of several mindfulness programmes for children and at-risk youth.


Lorna Walker

Lorna Walker

Lorna started on her path to becoming a mindfulness teacher by teaching English in secondary schools. She went on to specialise in teaching young people with social, emotional and behavioral needs; Lorna has worked as Wellbeing Advisor for Quarriers, teaching 8 week Mindfulness courses for staff and adults supported by Quarriers as well as teaching the Youth Mindfulness Kids programme.


“Words will never express the sheer joy in practising, learning and participating in both the theoretical and practical aspects of the course. It has completely changed my life.”

– Denise, 2018 graduate


Starts 29th July | Wiston Lodge

Scotland’s One Year Programme consists of 2 retreats at Wiston and 4 Non-Residential weekends in Glasgow.

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