- One-Year Programme -

Cultivating a mindful life, building mindful communities.

Our One-Year Programme is designed for adults who wish to make a significant commitment to deepening their mindfulness practice, in order to be able to facilitate mindfulness with others from a place of confidence, compassion and authenticity. Applications are welcome from beginners through to those with many years of experience.

The programme comprises four residential retreats each lasting four days. We start by exploring the many ways that mindfulness can be integrated into our daily life, deepening into the elements of embodiment, ease, joy, and taking care of feelings. Each retreat enables an exploration of the transformative potential of mindfulness.

In the last retreat, participants will learn to deliver our Mindfulness for Life 8-week course for adults and train in the skills of teaching mindfulness: embodiment, explanation, guidance, and enquiry. We will also focus on how to nourish and sustain our personal practice as well as how to build sustainable mindful communities.


We believe the practice of mindfulness can be deeply transformative for individuals, communities and society. We work in schools, colleges, prisons, and community settings, as well as public, private and third-sector organizations teaching mindfulness to people of all ages. We developed our one year programme to enable adults to deepen their mindfulness practice and empower them to share their practice with others.

Why join the programme?

  • As a personal commitment to your own mindfulness practice

  • To deepen your understandings of the foundations of mindfulness

  • To discover the art of resting

  • To benefit from becoming part of a supportive mindfulness group

  • To learn how to build your own practice group at work and home

  • To practice cultivating kindness, compassion, joy and wisdom

  • To learn to teach our Mindfulness for Life – 8 week course for adults

Retreat 1

Discovering Embodiment

The focus of this retreat is deepening your personal mindfulness practice. The retreat will consist of a mix of lectures, group discussion and formal and informal practices. There will be periods of silence everyday as well as time for rest and personal journaling.
 We will explore how to cultivate key elements of mindfulness: embodiment, ease, joy and self-compassion.

Retreat 2

Transforming & Healing

In our second retreat, we’ll start by reviewing and reflecting upon the learning and experience of living mindfully since the first retreat. We’ll then explore the domain of feelings and emotions, how we can relate skillfully and with equanimity, how we can embrace difficult emotions with kindness and wisdom, and how we can nourish feelings of joy and happiness.

Retreat 3

Cultivating Insight

We will explore more deeply the territory of the mind – it’s habits and dynamics – as well as cultivating the minds of kindness and compassion. We will explore the ways in which we create suffering for ourselves and how we can live with greater freedom by cultivating insight. We will also focus on the key elements of mindfulness facilitation: namely embodiment, introducing practices, guidance, and enquiry. 

Retreat 4

The Art of Facilitation

You will learn how to teach our 8-week course Mindfulness for Life and receive all of the materials required to teach the course – including teaching manual and guided practices. Finally, we will explore how to sustain your personal mindfulness practice and look at ways of building mindful communities at home and at work.

“Words will never express the sheer joy in practising, learning and participating in both the theoretical and practical aspects of the course. It has completely changed my life.” – Denise

We’re offering the one year programme in two locations this year

Our programme in England will be held in the beautiful setting of Sharpham House and begins in January 2018

Retreat Dates (4 nights)
24th-28th January 2018
2nd-6th May 2018
12th-16th September 2018
5th-9th December 2018

Our programme in Scotland will be held at Lendrick Lodge in the heart of the Trossachs and begins in March 2018

Retreat Dates (4 nights)
21st-25th March 2018
4th-8th July 2018
10th-14th October 2018
30th January – 3rd February 2019

Click the schedule button below to see a typical day on retreat

Our Team

Our team of teachers has over 75 years combined experience practicing and teaching mindfulness and includes, Michael Schwammberger – a former monk of 13 years under the guidance of Thich Nhat Hanh; Michael Bready – the author of the Youth Mindfulness Kids Programme and our mindfulness course for young offenders; Dr. Lyndsay Lunan – a lecturer at the city of Glasgow College and author of an HMIE awarded mindfulness curriculum for teens; and Will Stephens, former European Director of HeartMath and founder of mindful living centre Binley Farm.

Michael Schwammberger

Trainer, England Programme

Michael is an internationally sought after meditation teacher regularly running retreats in the UK, France and Spain. In 1995 he managed the Gaia House retreat centre and in 1997 became a monk and student of Thich Nhat Hanh. He traveled extensively with Thich Nhat Hanh and became abbot of Son Ha Temple in 2005. After 13 years leading the monastic life he disrobed in 2012 and now leads retreats internationally.

Michael Bready

Trainer, Scotland Programme

Michael has taught over 50 mindfulness courses to children, teens and adults. In collaboration with the Scottish Government and University of Glasgow he led the development of a mindfulness course for young offenders and is the author of the Youth Mindfulness Kids Programme in which he has trained more than 120 teachers internationally.

Dr. Lyndsay Lunan

Trainer, Scotland & England Programmes

Lyndsay went on her first retreat in 1998 and has been practising mindfulness ever since, drawing inspiration from various teachers and traditions. She is the author of an HMIE awarded mindfulness curriculum for teens and delivers mindfulness courses for both young adults in Further Education as well as offering CPD courses and workshops to staff.

Will Stephens

Trainer, Scotland & England Programmes

Will spent three years training in Core Process Psychotherapy and has experience working in mental health services and in prisons. He served as European Director for HeartMath, a Californian organization that provides stress-management to individuals, schools, hospitals and companies. Will created and managed a UK mindfulness centre which hosted “mindful living” retreats.

Jasmine Shaw

Support, Scotland & England Programmes

Jasmine is trained to teach the Mindful Self-Compassion programme, taught by Self Compassion researcher Kirsten Neff. Inspired by the empowerment of choice that practicing mindfulness brings to individuals and communities, she currently runs a non-profit community organisation – Mindful Living Retreat. Jasmine aspires to bring the practice into the Care sector, knowing its transformative potential for positive social and cultural change.

Kareem Ghandour

Support, Scotland & England Programmes

Kareem has been highly engaged in mindfulness communities for young adults (“Wake Up”) where he enjoys volunteering by facilitating sessions, retreats and contributing to areas of outreach as well as community building and communications. He is currently delivering mindfulness programs in local institutions alongside organising and facilitating retreats.

Programme Requirements:

Maintain a regular daily mindfulness practice.

Meet monthly either in person or virtually with a peer group selected from within the training group

Practice one ‘day of mindfulness’ per quarter either on your own or within a local group

Engage with course materials, recommended reading and online content provided

As mindfulness has entered the structured systems of education, health and social care, a programmatic culture of mindfulness courses has evolved. The vision of Youth Mindfulness goes beyond mindfulness ‘courses’ to the creation of mindful communities which can help transform the very systems in which they participate, offering the opportunity for a more healthy and compassionate society.
– Dr Lyndsay Lunan

Start Dates

Fully Booked
21st March 2018
A deposit is required to secure your early bird place.
Deposit Payment 10 Monthly Payments Tuition Total
Full Tuition Cost £795 £105 £1,845
New Year Offer
Available until 20th February 2018
£595 £95 £1,545
Accommodation costs are £90 per night, full board and lodging. This includes all meals, refreshments and linen equating to £360 per four-day residential retreat. This amount is payable to Youth Mindfulness 6 weeks before the start of each retreat. All participants must stay at the chosen venues in order to maintain the collective practice of the group.
A further saving of £250 is available if you wish to pay the tuition and accommodation costs in full prior to the beginning of the course.


Sharpham House

Devon, UK, TQ9 7UT

Sitting on the banks of the River Dart and lying within its stunning and vast grounds Sharpham Trust is a Grade I listed, friendly and relaxing residence.

England One-Year Programme

  • England Programme 2018
    Sharpham House, Devon

    Retreat Dates (4 nights)
    Wed 24th - Sun 28th Jan 2018
    Wed 2nd - Sun 6th May 2018
    Wed 12th - Sun 16th Sep 2018
    Wed 5th - Sun 9th Dec 2018

    Each retreat begins at 6pm on the first day and ends before lunch on the last day (approximately 12pm).

    Shared accommodation is in twins and small dormitories – no single rooms are available. Special dietary requirements can be catered for with advance notice, however this has limitations.

    Please enquire to find out more: info@youthmindfulness.org

    Lyndsay Lunan, Will Stephens, Michael Schwammberger, Kareem Ghandour, Jasmine Shaw

    Apply to the England programme

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Lendrick Lodge

Stirlingshire, Scotland, FK17 8HR

Set in it’s beautiful natural surroundings of the Trossachs and Loch Lomond National Park, Lendrick Lodge offers a spacious, light and comfortable environment for our retreats.

Scotland One-Year Programme

  • Scotland Programme 2018
    Lendrick Lodge, Stirlingshire

    Retreat Dates (4 nights)
    Wed 21st - Sun 25th Mar 2018
    Wed 4th - Sun 8th July 2018
    Wed 10th - Sun 14th Oct 2018
    Wed 30th Jan - Sun 3rd Feb 2019

    Each retreat begins at 6pm on the first day and ends before lunch on the last day (approximately 12pm).

    Shared accommodation is in twins and small dormitories – no single rooms are available. Special dietary requirements can be catered for with advance notice, however this has limitations.

    Please enquire to find out more: info@youthmindfulness.org

    Michael Bready, Lyndsay Lunan, Will Stephens, Kareem Ghandour, Jasmine Shaw

    Apply to the Scotland programme

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