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Calm Presence Carer
Mindfulness and compassion training for people facing behaviours that challenge

In working with people who experience distress; you can also suffer stress, fatigue, and burnout. CALM Presence is a two day training course in the why, what and how of relating to ourselves and others with mindfulness and compassion.

On this course you will:

Learn to nourish your own wellbeing.
Cultivate your mindfulness and compassion.
Respond more wisely, and sensitively, to the people you work with.

To book, click the button above and make payment by debit or credit card. Alternatively, download and complete the booking form and send it to

CALM Presence Booking Form

Origins of CALM Presence

Youth Mindfulness and CALM Training have long held shared values and aspirations. After several years of discussion, it became apparent that a valuable collaboration could take place. CALM Presence is the fruit of those shared aspirations.

Why a 2-day CALM Presence Course?

In working with people who experience distress, feelings of fatigue, burnout and stress can seem unavoidable for caring professionals. However, if we can find ways to nourish our own wellbeing – cultivating our innate capacities for mindfulness and compassion – we discover that not only are we better able to cope, we can also realise a sensitive, wiser and more responsive approach to the people we work with. CALM Presence is an experiential 2-day course in the why, what and how of relating to ourselves and others with mindfulness and compassion.

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Date: 28th & 29th March

Address: The Albany Centre, 44 Ashley St, Glasgow G3 6DS

Cost: £195

What you'll learn

This course offers an experiential exploration of mindfulness and compassion. You’ll learn about the new science underpinning contemplative practices; research from the fields of positive psychology & inter-personal neurobiology; and how teams can support each other to create a compassionate environment.

Day 1 - Attuning to self
Mindfulness, self-compassion and self-care
How our inner state impacts others
The wisdom of the body
How to use the science of positive emotions
The power of non-judgment & non-reactivity
Day 2 - Attuning to others
Empathy and Compassion
How to strengthen positive relationships
How to build inner resources in teams
Strategies to grow trust and support in teams
Mindful communication
Who's CALM Presence for?
SOMA programme

CALM Presence is a training course intended for teams in organisations working with people with distressed behaviours. Individuals can also access the training by booking onto our open courses.

It is beneficial to teams from a variety of fields such as:

Social Care
Criminal Justice
CALM Presence course trainers
Michael Bready

Michael Bready

Michael Bready is the Founder and Director of Youth Mindfulness. He discovered mindfulness meditation at the age of 18 and has taught mindfulness to thousands of children, young people, and adults. Michael holds a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and is the author of several mindfulness programmes for children and at-risk youth.

Lorna Walker

Lorna Walker

Lorna Walker is the Creative Director of Youth Mindfulness. Lorna has spent over 10 years as a teacher in different settings; specialising in teaching young people with complex social, emotional, and behavioural needs. Lorna has worked as a 3rd sector wellbeing consultant, a learning consultant for the BBC, and taught young people and adults mindfulness since 2014.

About Youth Mindfulness

Youth Mindfulness is a Glasgow based charity with the aim of bringing mindfulness and compassion into diverse contexts, to inspire and enable transformation in communities, organisations and in people’s lives. Youth Mindfulness develops groundbreaking programmes children, adolescents and adults, and offers a wide array of mindfulness teacher training.

About CALM Training

CALM work in partnership with social care organisations, health, education and families who support people whose distress may present as behaviour that challenges. CALM provide cutting edge support, consultancy and training using whole organisation approaches and an integrative attachment based and trauma informed practice model.

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